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Who we are:


We are 3 friends:


- A developer with great passion for code and cats.

- An animation artist with a keen eye for cute details.

- A musician fascinated with sound design.


We decided to combine our passions together and create a cute and smart product for the most wonderful audience there is – Children!


Our vision is to deliver the best learning experince while maintaining the highest level of entertainment.

to combine technology, art and music together in order to enrich the education and the development of babies,

toddlers and children.


As parents, we know that when your child uses an app, you want it to be the safest and most useful possible.


With all that in mind, we've created Animal Toonz.




The app:

Having growing up in a different reality with the simple and innocent toys we had as kids, we wanted to combine that spirit with today’s technology.

With that in mind, we created a magical world of animals, living in the digital domain, yet born on the old sketching board, Taking the child on a simple, colorful and open-ended journey, A learning experience where any stress or frustration are to be avoided.

The goal is to let the child play while intriguing his curiosity via a smart interaction. The animals move and make gestures even without touching. They react to taping  and swiping.  They also interact with each other as time passes.

As a bonus, there’s a puzzle in each world where the child can build the animal from scratch, while exploring the different features of the various animals.

The app fits toddlers at the ages of 1-4.

Toddlers’ development is unbelievably rapid  and with that in mind, we invested much thought and effort in our interaction engine, in order to provide a long and changing experience for  the child 

We are currently working on expanding the variety of animals, so more animals are soon to come!


Key features:

- Top class animaion.

- 4 animal worlds to choose from.

- An open-ended play.

- Smart interaction algorithm.

- Education through entertainment .

- No rules, no stress, just pure fun!

- Learning the different animal parts in detail with the puzzle function.

- No in-app purchses.

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